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1:1 Coaching

1 on 1 coaching sessions, designed by you and for you.  As the client, you bring the topic, you set the agenda.

Through strategic inquiry questioning techniques, various tools and exercises, we will start in the clarity phase.  Here we will get crystal clear on where you want to be, you know ... your goals.  Then we will evaluate where you are relative to where you're going.


Then onto Phase 2, the growth phase.  Here is the planning, executing and accountability phase.


Finally, to attain Phase 3, the Transformation phase, we will evaluate and re-evaluate your progress along the way, checking in to ensure you are still on the path you desire.

Packages start at - $2,295


Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions, are small groups curated around a theme relating to mindset and action plans to move from employee to entrepreneur.  Others will be organized around issues new entrepreneurs face when building their businesses.

Here the same strategic inquiry techniques will be utilized but you have the added benefit of additional perspectives from others who are where you are and headed in the same direction.

Even though we will be working as a collective through various themes and topics, the 3 Phases will still be an integral part of the overall process.  We will get very clear, move into action through growth and experience the overall transformation.

Programs start at $495

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Book Club

These are larger, all virtual, sessions which follow important themes which are key to the entrepreneurial and personal journeys.  We will use a variety of books to bring the perspectives and each session will focus on another aspect of our monthly theme so we can integrate the learnings.

Some examples of themes we may tackle are:

  • Mindset

  • Habits

  • Planning

  • Marketing

  • Wisdom

There are so many books out there to consider ... some we may use are:

  • Buddha & The Badass by Vishen Lakiani

  • Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

  • Grit by Angela Duckworth

  • All Marketers are Liars & Purple Cow by Seth Godin

  • Start with Why by Simon Sinek

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear

Club Membership starts at $99


Coming soon .... 


As first "created" by Napoleon Hill, a Master Mind is defined as "two or more minds acting in perfect harmony for a common goal."  

The Master Minds we curate here are hand selected members of a group (max 12).  Each member is selected based on a variety of criteria but there will be only 1 representation of each business category.  

We will meet regularly and each meeting will focus upon one aspect of our business.  Within each meeting, 1 or 2 members will have the opportunity to leverage the Master Mind of the group to help solve an issue at hand.

This group will meet monthly and take on some day-to-day issues facing our businesses.  Quarterly we will utilize an entire afternoon to review our planning and take on some larger challenges.  Once a year we will meet for a longer period to focus on building our businesses, creating our annual plans, and brainstorming how to get to the next level.

Pricing To Be Determined

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Master Mind

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Coming soon ...


Jim Rohn said that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."  The people you spend your time with help to shape you.

As you grow in your business and within yourself you will find that those with whom you spend your time may not fully understand your journey.  Unless those around you are also undertaking the growth journey too, you will rapidly outgrow them.  I'm not advocating you get rid of your friends, I'm advocating for you to start surrounding with people who will encourage you to grow, who will inspire you to reach higher than you ever thought possible.

Our community is here to keep you accountable, to challenge what you think is possible, and to inspire you to grow to new heights as well as champion you to becoming your best self and growing the business of your dreams.


You deserve to explore the possibilities.  Take 1 hour and spend it with me. 


We will spend just a few minutes talking about the process, what coaching is and isn't, and do a bit of housekeeping.  Then we spend the rest of the session on you.  We will do mini-coaching around a goal or a challenge you bring to the table. 


Ideally, we will end with a tangible action item or two.  You will leave the session feeling like you have moved forward along your path.

My gift to you ... a 60-minute Exploratory call
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