Why Coaching?

  • Do you find yourself using defeated words like STUCK, BORED, FRUSTRATED or RESTLESS when speaking about your life or business?

  • When you look back over the last 20+ years, do you struggle to feel fulfilled and accomplished?

  • Have you ever woken up with the feeling that something needed to change, but you couldn't put your finger on it? No matter how hard you tried to figure it out, it remained elusive.


  • Perhaps you are facing a layoff - or a life change - and are reevaluating things for yourself and can't seem to see through the fog.


  • Maybe you know exactly what you want but would like to have a strategic thinking partner or sounding board with whom you can talk through all the thoughts swimming around in your head, making sense of those thoughts, putting them into a plan, then working that plan.


  • You may even be a solopreneur whose business has now leveled off and you're struggling to break through the plateau.


  • Maybe you want to be an entrepreneur but you are unsure of where and how to begin...


My gift to you ... a 60-minute Exploratory call
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You deserve to explore the possibilities.  Take 1 hour and spend it with me. 


We will spend just a few minutes talking about the process, what coaching is and isn't, and do a bit of housekeeping.  Then we spend the rest of the session on you.  We will do mini-coaching around a goal or a challenge you bring to the table. 


Ideally, we will end with a tangible action item or 2.  You will leave the session feeling like you have moved forward along your path.