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I am a strategic growth coach specializing in working with people who have been “left wanting more”  by life and are ready to change.  You know these folks … the ones who often use words like STUCK, FRUSTRATED, BORED, and RESTLESS when describing their life or business.  Together we work to grow their life and/or business into something they once believed impossible.

​Moving from the COMFORTABLE (known) to the UNCOMFORTABLE (unknown) in one’s life is just as big of a leap as going from EMPLOYEE to ENTREPRENEUR, it requires something big, a change in thought process and a plan.  Recognizing that you need a serious change in your life, whether your know what that is or not, is a huge step.  You don't have to want to start a business to feel that way.  


You're going from following what is dictated and expected of you, to becoming self-directed. 

It's a change and it’s about focusing on the whole picture (all parts).​ 

I was born into this.  I am a helper-person.  As far back as I can remember, my soul fulfillment has come from helping others see the possibilities, get out of their own way, and realize things they never thought possible.​

I grew up surrounded by innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and people who forged their own paths. Only a few people in my life held traditional jobs/careers, instead, those around me followed their hearts, their interests, and the desire to create a flexible life. These businesses included everything and so much more. Just some 

  • a laundromat

  • movie theater

  • dump trucks

  • hydraulic lifts

  • real estate (investment & services)

  • specialty travel

  • international wine tour business

  • alternative energies

  • an event company

  • large scale race tracks

  • and more ... even naked milk sales ... Yes, that's true - whatever worked, right? (Disclaimer:  I'm not advocating going around selling bottled milk while naked ... not sure that's a good tactic anymore)

For me, being an entrepreneur is more a state of mind, than anything else.  Ideas are everywhere, having the courage to do something with those ideas is what lives at the heart of the entrepreneur.  It's identifying problems, discovering solutions, and learning how to implement them, with the idea to create value, make things work smoother, be more efficient, and overall serve others.

I believe that it is possible to carry that spirit into a corporate career as well.  I know because I’ve done it.  While it is not as flexible as being independent and instituting significant change, in fact, it's a bit like trying to turn a large barge with a rowboat, it can be even more rewarding. Everything you see, every company you know, it all started with someone’s idea.

I have enjoyed starting and operating numerous businesses for myself and others, helping to support their vision.  It started in my teens when my stepfather approached me to help him clean and maintain his 20 rental properties in Ocean City, NJ. I was 14 years old I employed a team of my friends who would go in and clean these rental turnovers each week during the summer.   

As I got older, I had many varied experiences as well.  I spent my time exploring life and trying out new businesses. Among these included such businesses as a retail/import shop, an English teacher in Italy, a small wine tour business in Italy, and a Real Estate brokerage employing a few agents.

When my son entered a newly re-established high school, I was instrumental in creating and running the parent-teacher organization, an independent non-profit organization created to support the students and foster growth within the school.  With zero-based budgeting, we grew from $0 to a yearly budget of over $25,000 within the 4 years he attended.  One of our largest and most proud projects was the resurrection of the annual car show event, which turned out to become the city’s largest and most popular car show at the time.

Along the way, I worked for larger corporate companies as well.  In each role, there was always room to make things more efficient, more user-friendly, and/or more inclusive.  As an entrepreneur, I couldn’t help but recognize these opportunities as they would jump out to me at every turn.  

Recently, my husband and I decided to branch out again into another business for ourselves.  We now own and operate a self-storage and rental truck company, which we purchased in March of 2018.  To Date (2021) we have almost tripled the number of units and grown the truck rental an astounding 445%. In a few short years, we have increased the overall value of the business by more than $2.8mm.

Entrepreneurship is about taking an idea, fleshing it out, creating the action plan, and watching your “baby” come into existence. It doesn’t have to be for-profit, heck, it doesn’t even have to be a stand-alone business.  ​

While it is fun to create these opportunities for myself, my real joy is helping others see their way through their own obstacles, expanding on their ideas, and realizing their goals and dreams. Along the way, I found, too, that bringing synergistic people together and watching the magic happen is so truly amazing.

I truly believe it “takes a village” to be successful and I wish to bring that to you as well.


You deserve to explore the possibilities.  Take 1 hour and spend it with me. 


We will spend just a few minutes talking about the process, what coaching is and isn't, and do a bit of housekeeping.  Then we spend the rest of the session on you.  We will do mini-coaching around a goal or a challenge you bring to the table. 


Ideally, we will end with a tangible action item or two.  You will leave the session feeling like you have moved forward along your path.

My gift to you ... a 60-minute Exploratory call
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